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2002-12-02 General Electric - Application data - 1945John Atwoodhtml page
2013-02-03 Ceramic Tubes :
Socketless Tube circuit techniques
Noise figure and the gridded vacuum tube
The use of gridded ceramic vacuum tubes in phase-array long-pulse UHF radars
Life test summary of ceramic tubes under high temperature and high humidity conditions
Results of recent tests of ceramic tubes during exposure to nuclear radiation
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2013-03-03 VTM's and some more articles :
Safety Precautions
Precautions to be observed in testing High-Frequency Planar Tubes
Performance and applications of Microwave Gridded Vacuum Tunes and Circuit modules
Planar Triode Life and reliability summary
Medium power VHF-UHF coaxial tetrodes
Voltage Tunable Magnetrons
Triggered Vacuum Gaps
Bulk-Effect Diodes and solid state Microwave circuit modules
Hi-tech Ceramics
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2017-11-11 Reference Data General Electric Ceramic Tubes 1965, 303 pages. 146,260,522 bytes
2017-11-12 General Electric Microwave Devices 1972, 316 pages. 117,543,046 bytes
2017-11-13 General Electric - Transmitting Types mainly, 1404 pages. 553,155,455 bytes
2017-11-13 General Electric - Equipment types 1970, 530 pages. 187,477,268 bytes