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Frank's electron Tube Data sheets Foreign Substitutes for American Types  

This data is scanned and may contain errors caused by the OCR software. Please let me know if you see any.
Note: This page is not updated. For more equivalents you can use the Search.
Warning: Tubes are not always 100% equal!

American Types Foreign Substitutes
0A2 150C2, 150C4, M8223, STV105/30
0A3 KD21
0A4G PL1267, Z300T
0B2 108C1, M8224, STV108/30
0C3 KD24
0D3 150C3, KD25
0E3 85A1
0G3 85A2
10CW5 LL86
10DE7 9R-AL1
10DX8 LCL84
11BM8 LCL82
11R3 LY81
11Y9 LFL200
1267 Z300T
12A8 OH4
12AC5 10F9, 121VP, HF121, UF41, W118, W142, W145
12AD7 6L13
12AF3 12R-K19
12AH8 20D3
12AJ7 HCH81
12AL5 10D2, HAA91, UB91
12AT6 12BC32, HBC90, HBC91
12AT7 B152, B309, B739, ECC81, ECC801, ECC801S, E81CC, M8162, QA2406, QB309
12AU6 12F31, HF93, HF94
12AU7 B329, B749, E82CC, ECC82, ECC186, ECC802, ECC802S, M8136
12AV6 12BC32, HBC90, HBC91
12AV7 12R-LL3
12AX7 6L13, B339, B759, E83CC, ECC83, ECC803, M8137
12B06GT 12G-B6
12BA6 12F31, HF93, HF94
12BE6 12H31, HK90
12BK6 12BC32, HBC90, HBC91
12BR3 12R-K19
12BT6 12BC32, HBC90, HBC91
12BX6 10F18, W119
12BY7 EL180
12C8 VP12D
12CS6 12H31, HK90
12DF7 6L13, B339, B759, ECC83, ECC803
12DT7 6L13, B339, B759, ECC83, ECC803
12FB5 30P12
12HU8 PLL80
12K7 W76
12K7GT OF5, W76
12K8 X71M, X76M
12Q7GT DH74, DH76, DL74M
12S7 UAF42, WD142
12SN7GT 13D2, B36
12SQ7 OBC3
12SX7GT B36
12X4 HZ90
12Z3 HZ90
13CM5 12G-B7, XL36
13EC7 10F18, W110, W119
13GB5 12B-B14, XL500
13GC8 30PL1, 30PL10, LN319
14G6 10LD13, DH119, UBC81
14K7 141TH, UCH42, UCH43, X142
14L7 10LD3, 141DDT, DH118, DH142, UBC41
14Z3 HZ90
15A6 N153, N309, PL83
15CW5 30P18, N379, PL84
15DQ8 PCL84
16A5 30P16, 30P18, 163PEN, N154, N329, N379, PL82, PL84
16A8 30PL12, N369, PCL82
16AQ3 XY88
16GK8 30PL13, 30PL14, PCL88, PCL800
16Y9 PFL200
17C8 17N8, 171DDP, UBF80
17EW8 HCC85
17N8 UBF80
17Z3 A61, PY81, PY83, PY800, PY801, U153, U193, U251, U349
18FW6 19M-R9
18FX6 X107
18GD6 19M-R9
18GV8 PCL85
19AQ5 HL90
19C8 HABC80
19CS4 U191, U339
19D8 10C14, 19AJ8, UCH81, X119
19T8 HABC80
19X3 19BD, 19U3, 19W3, PY80, U152, U309
19Y3 19SU, PY82, U154, U192, U319
1A3 1D13, DA90
1A5G DL31
1A7GT DK32, X14
1AB6 1C3, 1H35, DK96, X25
1AC6 1C2, DK92, X18, X20
1AD4 DF62
1AF4 1F1, DF96, W25
1AF5 1FD1, DAF96, ZD25
1AH5 1FD1, DAF96, ZD25
1AJ4 1F1, DF96, W25
1AM4 1F1, DF96, W25
1AN5 DF97
1AQ5 1H33
1AR5 1FD1, DAF96, ZD25
1AS5 DAF92
1B3GT DY30, U41
1C5GT DL35, DL36, N14
1DN5 DAF92
1E3 DC80
1F5G KL35
1G3GT DY30, U41
1H5GT DAC32, HD14
1J3 DY30, U41
1K3 DY30, U41
1L4 1F2, DF92
1M3 DM70, DM71, Y25
1N3 DM71, DM70, Y25
1N5GT DF33, Z14
1Q5GT DL35, DL36, N14
1R5 1C1, DK91, X17, 1H33
1R5SF 1H33
1S2 1RK23, DY86, DY87
1S2A DY87
1S4 DL91
1S5 1FD9, DAF91, ZD17
1T2 R16, U37
1T4 1F3, DF91, W17
1T4SF 1F1, DF96, W25
1T5GT DL31
1U4 DF904
1U5 DAF92
1V6 DCF60
1X2 DYB0, R19
1X2A DY80, R19
2050 EN32, ME1501
20AQ3 LY88
20GF6 30P4, 30P19, N389, PL302
21A6 213PEN, N152, N339, N359, PL81, PL820
21KQ6 LL521
25A6 KT33
25BQ6GT 25G-B6
25E5 30P4, 30P19, N308, PL36
25L6 KT32
25W6GT KT32
25Y4 PY31, U31
25Z4GT U31
27GB5 PL500
27KG6 LL505
28EC4 LY500
28GB5 PL500
2B35 6D1, EA50, T6D
2D21 20A3, E91N, EN91, M8204, PL21
2ER5 XC95, XC97
2FY5 XC95, XC97
2HA5 XC900
2J2 R20, U26, U49
30A5 HL94
30AE3 PY88
31A3 311SU, U118, U142, U145, U404, UY41, UY42, V311, V312
35C5 HL94
35W4 HY90
35Z4GT U74, U76
38A3 U119, U381, UY85
3A4 DL93
3A5 DCC90
3AJ8 XCH81
3AL5 XAA91
3AU6 XF94
3B4 DL98, HD30
3B5GT DL33, N15, N16
3BX6 XF80, XF85
3BY7 XF80, XF85
3BZ6 3M-V7
3C4 1P1, DL96, N25
3C5GT DL33, N15, N16
3D6 DL29
3DK6 3M-R24
3E5 1P1, DL96, N25
3EH7 XF183, XF184
3EJ7 XF183, XF184
3ER5 YC95
3FY5 YC97
3HA5 LC900
3Q4 DL95, N18
3Q5GT DL33, N15, N16
3S4 1P10, DL92, N17
3V4 1P11, DL94, N19
40KG6 PL505
42EC4 PY500
45A5 10P14, 451PT, BF451, N142, UL41, UL46
45B5 10P18, N119, UL84
4BC8 4R-HH2
4BL8 5R-HP1, XCF80
4BS8 4R-HH2
4CM4 PC86
4EH7 LF183, YF183
4EJ7 LF184, YF184
4ES8 4R-HH8, XCC189
4GJ7 XCF801
4GK5 PC95
4HA5 PC900
4KN8 4R-HH8
50BM8 10PL12, 48A8, LN119, UCL82
50C5 HL92
50L6GT KT71
55N3 UY82
5636 EF730
5642 DY70
5654 DP61, E95F, EF95, EF905, M8100, M81B0, PM05
5678 DF60
5726 6D2, D2M9, D77, D152, D717, DD6, DD6G, E91AA, EAA91, EAA901S, EB91, M8079, M8212, QA2404, QD77
5763 QE03/10, QV03-12
5823 Z900T
5840 EF732
5847 6R-R8, 6R-R8C, E182F
5852 EZ35, U70, U147
5861 EC55
5899 EF731
5901 EF72, EF732, M8121
5902 EL71
5911 DF67
5913 DL67
5920 E90C, E90CC
5AR4 52KU, 53KU, 54KU, GZ30, GZ32, GZ33, GZ34, GZ37, R52, U54, U77
5AW4 U54
5AX4GT U54
5BK7A 4R-HH2
5CG4 OSW3107
5EA8 XCF80
5GJ7 LCF801
5HG8 LCF86
5J6 5M-HH3
5T4 GZ31, U52
5U4G 5Z10, GZ32, U52
5U8 XCF80
5U9 LCF201
5V4G 52KU, 53KU, 54KU, GZ30, GZ32, GZ33, GZ34, OSW3107, R52, U54
5V9 LCH200
5W4 U50, U51
5X9 LCF200
5Y3GT U50, U52
5Z4 52KU, 53KU, 54KU, GZ30, GZ32, GZ33, GZ34, OSW3107, R52, U54, U77
5Z4G 52KU, GZ30, R52, U77
6007 DL67
6008 DF67
6057 ECC803
6060 ECC801
6063 EZ900
6080 A1834, ECC230
6084 E80F
6085 E80CC
6146 QE05/40, QV06-20
6158 13D3
6159 QE05/40H
6189 E82CC, ECC802
6205 EF734
6218 E80T
6227 E80L
6252 QQE03/20, QQV03-20
6267 8D8, 6F22, EF86, EF87, EF806S, M8195, Z729
6351 Z319
6360 QQE03/12, QQV03-10
6374 EY84
6443 EY84
6463 CC86E, ECC86, ECC813
6550 ZD11, 12E13, KT88
6681 B339, B759, E83CC, ECC83, M8137
6686 E81L
6687 E91H
6688 E180F
6689 E83F
6922 E88CC
6939 QQE02/5, QQV02-6
6A6 B63
6A8 PH4, X63
6AB4 EC92
6AB7 6F10, OSW2190, OSW2600
6AB8 63TP, ECL80, LN152
6AC7 6F10, OSW2190, OSW2600
6AD8 6FD12, EBF80, EBF81, EBF89, WD709, ZD152
6AF3 EY88
6AF4 EC94
6AF7G 64ME, EM34
6AG5 EF96
6AG7 6L10, OSW2192, OSW2601
6AH6 6F36
6AJ4 EC84
6AJ5 6F35
6AJ7 6F10, OSW2190, OSW2600
6AJ8 6C12, 20D4, ECH81, X719
6AK5 6F32, DP61, E95F, EF95, EF905, M8100, PM05
6AK7 6L10, OSW2192, OSW2601
6AK8 6LD12, DH719, EABC80
6AL3 EY88
6AL5 6B32, 6D2, D2M9, D77, D152, D717, DD6, EAA91, EB91, EAA901, EAA901S
6AM5 6P17, 7D9, 16A, DD7, DDR7, EL91, M8082
6AM6 6F12, 8D3, EF91, HP6, M8083, PM07, QA2403, QZ77, R144, S6F12, SP6, Z77
6AN7 ECH80
6AQ4 6L34, EC91, M8099
6AQ5 6L31, BPM04, EL90, M8245, N727
6AQ8 6L12, B719, ECC85
6AS6 6F33, M8196
6AS7G A1834, ECC230
6AT6 6BC32, DH77, EBC90, EBC91
6AU4GT 6G-K17
6AU6 EF94
6AV4 6FX4, EZ91
6AV6 6BC32, DH77, EBC90, EBC91
6AW6 EF190
6B8 EBF32
6BA6 6F31, EF93, M8101, PM04, W727
6BC5 EF96
6BD7 EBC80, EBC81, 6LD13
6BE6 6H31, EK90, HM04, X77, X727
6BE7 EQ80
6BH5 EF81
6BH6 E90F
6BJ5 N78
6BJ6 E99F
6BK6 6BC32, DH77, EBC90, EBC91
6BK8 EF83
6BL8 6C16, ECF80, E80CF
6BM5 6L31, 6P9, EL90, N727
6BM8 6PL12, ECL82
6BN5 EL85, N155
6BQ5 6P15, EL84, E84L, N709
6BQ6GT 6G-B6
6BQ7A ECC180
6BR3 EY88
6BR5 65ME, EM80, EM81
6BR7 8D5
6BS7 8D7
6BS8 6R-HH2
6BT4 66KU, EZ40, U150, U718, UU9, V61
6BT6 6BC32, DH77, EBC90, EBC91
6BW7 6F23, 8D6, EF80
6BX6 8D6, 64SPT, EF80, Z152, Z719
6BX8 6R-HH2, ECC180
6BY6 6H31, EH90, EK90
6BY7 6F19, 6F26, EF85, W719
6C4 EC90, L77, M8080, QA2401, QL77
6C5 L63, OSW3112
6CA4 EZ81, U709, UU12
6CA7 7D11, 12E13, EL34, KT77, KT88
6CB6 EF190
6CD7 64ME, EM34
6CE5 EF96
6CF6 EF190
6CH6 7D10, EF82, EL821, EL822
6CJ5 6F15, 6F16, 7F16, 62VP, EF41, HF61, W150
6CJ6 EL81, EL820
6CK5 67PT, BF61, EL41, N150
6CK6 EL83, EL820, EL803
6CL6 6L43
6CM4 EC86, E86C, EC806S
6CM5 6G-B7, EL36, EL360
6CN6 5P29, EL38
6CQ6 6F21, 9D6, EF92, M8161, QA2400, QW77, V177, V884, VP6, W77
6CS6 6H31, EH90, EK90
6CT7 D61, EAF42, WD150
6CU6 6G-B9
6CU7 62TH, ECH42, ECH43, ECH113, 6C9, 6C10, X150
6CV7 6LD3, 62DDT, DH150, DH718, EBC41
6CW5 EL86
6CW7 6L16, ECC84
6D4 EN93
6D8 X73, X73M
6DA5 65ME, EM80, EM81
6DA6 EF89
6DC6 EF190
6DC8 6FD12, EBF85, EBF89
6DG7 EF89F
6DJ8 ECC88, ECC189, E88CC
6DL4 EC88
6DL5 EL95
6DQ6A 6G-B9
6DR6 EL81, EL820
6DR8 EBF83
6DS8 ECH83
6DT8 6AT7N
6DX8 ECL84
6DY5 EL82
6E5 6S5G, OSW3110
6E8G X61M, X147, ECH35, TH62
6EB5 6B32, 6D2, D2M9, D77, D152, D717, DD6, EAA91, EB91, EAA901, EAA901S
6EC4 EY500
6EC7 6F18, W739
6EH7 6F25, 6F29, EF183, EF811
6EJ7 6F24, 6F30, EF184, EF814
6EL7 6F23, EF812, Z749
6ER5 EC95, EC97
6ES6 EF97, EF98
6ES8 ECC88, ECC189
6ET6 EF97, EF98
6F5GT H63
6F6G KT63
6FC7 ECC89
6FD6 EF97, EF98
6FG6 EM84, EM840
6FW8 6R-HH8, ECC88, ECC189
6FY5 EC95, EC97
6GA8 6/30L2, B729, ECC804
6GB5 EL500
6GJ7 ECF801
6GM8 ECC86
6GV7 6C18, ECF805
6GV8 ECL85
6GW8 ECL86
6H5G 6M1
6H6 D63, EB34, OSW3109
6HA5 EC900
6HC8 ECL82
6HG5 6L31, 6P9, EL90, N727
6HG8 ECF86
6HL8 6C16, ECF80
6HM5 EC900
6HQ5 EC900
6HQ6 EF190
6HU6 EM87
6HU8 ELL80
6J4 6M-H1, M8232, TM12
6J5 L63, L63B, OSW3112
6J6 6CC31, 6M-HH3, ECC91, M8081, T2M05
6J7 A863, EF37, Z63
6J7GT A863, KTW63, KTZ63, KTZ63M, Z63, EF37
6JW8 ECF802
6JX8 ECH84
6K7 PF9, W61, W63, EF39, OM6, W147
6KN8 6R-HH8, ECC88, ECC189
6L6 EL37
6L6GC KT66
6L7 X64
6LN8 LCF80
6LX8 LCF802
6M5 EL80
6M6G EL33, KT61, N147, PP6BG
6N3 EY80, EY82
6N8 EBF80, EBF81, WD709, ZD152
6Q4 EC80
6Q7 DH63
6R3 63VP, EY81, EY83, EY88
6R4 EC81
6R8 6LD12, DH719, EABC80
6S2 EY86, EY87
6S2A EY87
6S7 OF1, OM5
6SA7 OSW3104
6SK7 OSW3111
6SL7 ECC35
6SN7GT 13D2, B65, ECC32, QA2408, QB65
6SQ7 OSW3105
6T8 6LD12, DH719, EABC80
6U3 EY80
6U8 ECF80, ECF82
6U9 ECF201
6V3 EY81F
6V4 EZ80
6V6GT OSW3106
6V9 ECH200
6W7G 8D4
6X2 EY51, R12, SU61, U43, U45, U151
6X4 6Z31, E90Z, EZ90, EZ900, U707, V2M70, QA2407, U78
6X5G EZ35, U147, U70
6X9 ECF200
6Y9 EFL200
6Z3 AD
7025 B339, B759, ECC83, M8137
7027 KT66
7027A KT88
7062 E180CC
7119 E182CC
7308 E188CC
7320 E84L
7408 OSW3106
7534 E180L
7543 EF94
7581 KT66, KT77
7643 E80CF
7722 E280F
7737 E186F
7788 E810F
7A7 W81, W148, EF22, W143
7AN7 30L1, 30L15, B319, PCC84
7AU7 PCC186, XCC82
7B5 EL22, KT81, N148
7B6 DH81, DL82
7B7 W149
7C5 EL22, KT81, N148
7C6 DH149
7DJ8 PCC88, PCC189
7ED7 30F5, Z329
7EK7 30L15, B349, PCC805
7ES8 PCC88, PCC189
7FC7 PCC84, PCC89
7GV7 30C18, PCF805
7H7 EF22, W143, W148
7S7 X81, X148
7Y4 U82, U149
807 4Y25, 5S1, P17A, QE06/50, QV05-25
8223 E288CC
8228 ZZ1000
8233 E55L
8254 EC1000
8278 EL503, F1EL
8453 Z550M
8A8 30C1, LZ319, LZ329, PCF80, PCF82
8B8 8R-HP1, XCL82
8BQ5 XL84
8CW5 XL86
8GJ7 PCF801, PCF806
8HG8 PCF86
8U9 PCF201
8X9 PCF200
954 E1F, UN954, ZA2
955 1650, 4671, E1C, HA2, UN955
956 E2F
957 D1C
958A D2C
959 D3F
9905 QQC04/15
9910 QQE03/20, QQV03-20
9A8 30C1, LZ319, LZ329, PCF80
9AQ8 PCC85
9BM5 9P9
9EA8 30C1, LZ319, LZ329, PCF80, PCF82
9EN7 30C15, LZ339, PCF800
9GB8 30FL1, PCE800
9GV8 XCL85
9U8 30C1, LZ319, LZ329, PCF80, PCF82
9V9 PCH200